Torna indietro


Website Project and design: MM ONE Group Srl
Concept and Texts: Barbara Varone and Daniele Varelli
Video: Toni Casula and Daniele Varelli / Tandem
Photography: Enza Vio, Lorenzo Crasnich, Franco Varone
Logo design and logo corporate image 5 Aquae: Carlo Del Sal / DSF design
Stand Bibione 5 Aquae Design / Aquae Venezia 2015: Studio Proap Italia
Video animation: Fabvla
Idea and Project of Beach Nourishment “Sabbiodotto” : Hydrosoil Srl

operates in the field of communications and public relations. A registered journalist since 1996, she has worked for some magazines and has also published some periodicals. Managing Director of the magazine of ABA – Hoteliers Association of Bibione, she is also responsible for the organization of events and literary meetings for children.

is the two-man team of Toni Casula (videos, photography, multimedia, art direction) and Daniele Varelli (copywriting) who mix their skills to create communication projects.,

Following her family's footsteps, she has developed a passion for photography since her youth. She uses her art as a means of expression and not just of documentation. Her works show how pictures can be the tool to give shape to feelings and moods, in a deep, inebriating contact with nature. She is the author of several publications and photo books; she has also starred in many solo and group exhibitions, both in Veneto and in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The studio DSF design, owned by Carlo Del Sal and Carlo Facchin, creates and develops projects of coordinated imagery, advertising campaign and direct marketing, editorial projects, exhibitions set-ups and booths, sales points, cultural events and websites, counting on a twenty-year experience in the field of graphics, communications, architecture and design. The studio works with important companies and public institutions for visual identity, communications, business and cultural promotions. The success of DSF design is based on professionalism, on the research and the great care behind every single work. These values can be clearly found in their projects.

PROAP Italia
is an engineering company, part of the Portuguese group PROAP, operating in the fields of landscape architecture and architecture, whose leaders are João Nunes and Andrea Menegotto. Our company is based in Treviso and our work spans from landscape architecture to installations.

develops multimedia solutions for the web and for real installations. They have created and developed Kaleido (, the first authoring system for multi-touch interfaces. They have also developed projects for important customers like Daimler, Linea d'ombra, Fondazione Giorgio Cini or Grips Athletics.